Should Alaska Secede?

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There are groups in many states now pushing for secession, some state governments and state legislatures, and leadership too have taken up the concept, and they are getting serious about. The Constitution provides for this, and the Federal Government was set up as a weak government, with strong state rights. It's certainly worked well that way.

Now, as the Federal Government gets bigger and the Federal Courts are busy ruling on issues concerning people of the state, some are saying; "Hey wait one big minute." Many have criticized Sara Palin for meeting with an "Alaska Secession Group," but in reality, those are her constituents and she believes it is important to listen to their grievances and what they have to say, as well she should.

Recently, an acquaintance stated to me; "I think it's interesting that Sara Palin is on a committee to succeed Alaska from the USA. I had no idea that is a big thing in Alaska."

Well, it's getting to be a big thing in many states, not just Alaska, and there is a lot of people who are talking about this; why you ask? Due to the heavy hand of the Federal Government, which recently seems to be getting bigger, too big in many citizen's opinion, of course, some more serious than others. Many politicians are using it as a threat to the Federal Government to back-off and know it's own limits, while others are using it to garner political brownie points, even if they'd never actually back it in a vote.

But do not be too sure that if push came to shove they wouldn't swing with the political title wave of groups calling for the dismissal of the Federal Government in their states. States like TN, TX, OK, OH, AK and others are quite serious, now there are some 13-states, that are looking into the ramifications of such.

Indeed, it's a wake-up call to the Federal Government that the states didn't sign up for socialism and a reality check that our Republic was founded on a weak central government to prevent overbearing conditions placed on them. In the US, the President is not a king, a dictator, and the states being involved in the union was completely voluntary with rights reserved.

As a franchisor, I completely understand both sides of the argument and worry that the US is acting more like the United Countries and the EU is acting more like the United States these days. I think there are some at least 10-states that are getting pretty serious about all this and others jumping on the bandwagon, and perhaps not really serious at all.

Why? Well, they truly believe that the Federal Government has overstepped their bounds on a number of issues, and they have a point in some regards and in other contentions they are just using leverage with ridiculous nonsense. One gentleman recently noted, at least one state, Alaska, has groups that "Want to be their own country."

Of course, they don't want to be told what to do. You must remember those are real hearty people in Alaska, "can do" types. They have a much different way of thinking there. Who is anyone to tell them how to run their own state? Their state is working and has a surplus.

The Federal Government keeps telling them what to do, what to hunt, what to mine, what they can and cannot take out of the ground, they are sick of it. Especially considering that only 1% of the people in Washington DC have ever been there. I'd be pissed as hell if I were them, but I am not, merely an observer.

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Should Alaska Secede?

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This article was published on 2010/04/02
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